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  • STAND-Sponsored Panel at HSS: ‘Inclusion and Exclusion in Scientific Internationalism’

    History of Science Society 2022 Annual Meeting (Chicago), Saturday, November 19, 9:00 to 10:30am, Drake Hotel, Floor: Mezzanine, Parkside Session Abstract: In recent years, historians of science have explored more the internationalization of science, especially through the examination of international collaborations and multi-lateral initiatives. This is partly because of their significance in shaping the global […]

  • ESHS 2022 Symposia, ECR Lecture & STAND General Meeting

    STAND is sponsoring a pair of symposia at the 10th Conference of the European Society for the History of Science, held in Brussels, 7-10 September 2022. The first is a pair of panels on ‘Science Diplomacy and Politics’ and the second is a trio of panels on ‘The Politics of Data, Environments, and Infrastructures’. Sam […]

  • Call for Papers: The Politics of Science Diplomacy Symposium

    2022 European Society for the History of Science Conference, Brussels, 7-9 September The STAND Commission calls for paper proposals on science diplomacy issues aligned to the main 2022 ESHS conference theme on science policy and the politics of science.  Core literature on science diplomacy contends that utilizing science in the diplomacy arena enables rising above […]

  • Symposium: Diplomacy and Images in Science

    9th European Society for the History of Science Conference: ‘Visual, Material, and Sensory Cultures of Science’ 2nd September 2020 Panel 1: Scientific Images and International Rivalry Gordon Barrett, ‘Competing Images of Chinese Science: Photography in the Communist-Nationalist Battle for International Legitimacy during the Second World War’ Lif Lund Jacobsen, ‘Seismograph Diplomacy’ Daniele Cozzoli, ‘American media […]

  • BSHS #HistSciFest Session Video: ‘Science in 1970: A Transnational History of Fifty Years Ago’

    Here’s a video of our experimental session for the BSHS Global Digital History of Science Festival, with speakers and start times for their mini-presentations listed below: Start Time Speaker Topic [00:07:16] Carringtone Kinyanjui (University of Manchester) ‘Science in 1970: A Global Picture‘ [00:14:56] Aya Homei (University of Manchester) ‘“How Should We Deal with Asia’s Exploding […]

  • Science in 1970: A Transnational History of Fifty Years Ago

    BSHS Global Digital History of Science Festival 7 July, 2020, 10am-12pm (UTC+1) Click here to register to attend this session (to be held on Zoom). How should we remember science in the year 1970? Fifty years ago Earth Day was first celebrated; the WMO Global Program of Atmospheric Research started; the Ancash earthquake happened in […]

  • Symposium: When Science Diplomacy Divides

    European Society for the History of Science 8th Biennial MeetingLondon, 14-17 September 2018 The concept of science diplomacy has gained traction in recent years, as the foreign offices of various nations have appreciated and begun reassessing the influence and importance of the soft power of science and technology. Scientists themselves are also recognising the diplomatic roles they have played […]