Call for Papers: Science Diplomacy – Global Online Workshop and Roundtable

23 July 2020

We are organizing a one-day online workshop and a roundtable discussion on ‘science diplomacy’ (broadly construed and accommodating a variety of scholarly perspectives), to be held online on 23 July 2020. We welcome contributions especially from early career scholars wishing to exchange ideas, debate role of science in international diplomacy and vice versa, and explore the contribution of the science diplomacy scholarship to transnational/global histories. We would especially welcome contributions from scholars in countries and regions of the world that are less represented so as to promote a truly global dialogue across countries and continents.

In the workshop, we will ask each presenter to give a 10-minute presentation, which will be followed by a 10-minute discussion. To accommodate the time difference among participants from various parts of the globe, we will host the workshop in two slots, i.e. the ‘morning slot’ (approx. 9-11am GMT) and the ‘late afternoon slot’ (approx. 4-6pm GMT). We will try to accommodate the presenters’ time needs as much as possible.

The one-day event will have a rich programme also comprising a roundtable discussion on methodological issues, with a specific focus on the availability and accessibility of sources related to science diplomacy, and its impact on the current and future scholarship and teaching in the field (also in light of the COVID-19 crisis). It will also comprise the Commission’s Annual General Meeting that every participant is welcome to attend.

We invite submissions of proposals which should include: a title, abstract (200 words max), a short CV (150 max) and the information on your time zone to Aya Homei by Wednesday, 24 June 2020.

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