About Us

The commission was established on the occasion of the DHST General Assembly of 29 July 2017 (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil) following a meeting of scholars interested in setting it up. Its objectives are:

1. To promote and coordinate interdisciplinary historical studies on the relationships between science, technology and diplomacy including:

  • The role of scientists in international relations (e.g. in relation to health, development, international trade, technology transfer, and the environment).
  • The shaping of global governance through science and technology.

2. To promote wide-ranging investigations in terms of chronological coverage (from the distant to the recent past) and global reach (nations and continents represented) with a focus on science and technology diplomacy.

These objectives are met through:

  • The organization of workshops and symposia
  • The publication of scholarly articles and special journal issues
  • The organization of, or participation to, funded research projects

If you are interested in becoming a member, membership is free! All you need to do is to sign up to the mailing list via the menu above.

Members meet in person at least once a year to plan ahead the commission’s yearly activities. In the annual assembly, they also elect and renew the commission’s roles as officials (president, secretary, treasurer and web/media officer).

The next commission’s annual assembly will be on at the ESHS meeting in Bologna, 31.8.20-2.9.20

Previous meetings include:

  • 25.7.17 Meeting to propose the establishment of a new DHST Commission, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
  • 15.9.18 1st Annual Assembly, London, UK
  • 19.7.19 Commission Annual Meeting, Copenhagen, DK
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