About Us

The commission was established on the occasion of the DHST General Assembly of 29 July 2017 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) following a meeting of scholars interested in setting it up. Its objectives are:

1. To promote and coordinate interdisciplinary historical studies on the relationships between science, technology and diplomacy including:

  • The role of scientists in international relations (e.g. in relation to health, development, international trade, technology transfer, and the environment).
  • The shaping of global governance through science and technology.

2. To promote wide-ranging investigations in terms of chronological coverage (from the distant to the recent past) and global reach (nations and continents represented) with a focus on science and technology diplomacy.

These objectives are met through:

  • The organization of workshops and symposia
  • The publication of scholarly articles and special journal issues
  • The organization of, or participation to, funded research projects

If you are interested in becoming a member, membership is free! All you need to do is to sign up to the mailing list.

Members meet in person at least once a year to plan ahead the commission’s yearly activities. In the annual assembly, they also elect and renew the commission’s key official posts (president, secretary, treasurer and communications officer). More information on the commission’s officers can be found here. The STAND Commission’s bylaws can be found here.

Details of our previous meetings can be found here, sponsored symposia and panels here, and publications here.

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