BSHS #HistSciFest Session Video: ‘Science in 1970: A Transnational History of Fifty Years Ago’

Here’s a video of our experimental session for the BSHS Global Digital History of Science Festival, with speakers and start times for their mini-presentations listed below:

Start TimeSpeakerTopic
[00:07:16]Carringtone Kinyanjui (University of Manchester)‘Science in 1970: A Global Picture‘
[00:14:56]Aya Homei (University of Manchester)‘“How Should We Deal with Asia’s Exploding Population?”: Family planning and Cold-War diplomacy in Asia’
[00:21:43]Jaehwan Hyun (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science)‘The Continental-Shelf in Dispute: Joint Marin Oil Exploration and the Collapse of the Anticommunist Alliance in East Asia’
[00:27:40]Gordon Barrett (University of Oxford)‘“The East Is Red, the Sun Is Rising”: Chinese Science Diplomacy, the Cultural Revolution, and the Dongfanghong I Satellite Launch’
[00:33:27]Giulia Rispoli (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science)‘Luna 17: Interplanetary politics in the Cold War’
[00:41:14]Doubravka Olsakova (Czech Academy of Sciences)‘The Brezhnev Doctrine in Outer Space’
[00:51:01]Matthew Adamson (McDaniel College)‘IAEA and Science Diplomacy ca. 1970’
[00:56:58]Gerardo Ienna (University of Venice)‘Transnational radical physicists and the Varenna Manifesto’
[01:01:35]Péter Marton (McDaniel College/Corvinus University)‘The Emerging Occupation of Occupational Health’
[01:07:57]Johan Gardebo (KTH, Stockholm)‘Remote Sensing as Environmental Diplomacy’
[01:13:28]Beatriz Martínez-Rius (Sorbonne University)‘1970 and the Exploration of “The Last Geographic Frontier”: Oil and International Cooperation in the Mediterranean’s Seafloor’
[01:20:42]Iqra Choudry (University of Manchester)‘When Global Science Met Polar Diplomacy’
[01:28:29]Júlia Mascarello (Federal University of Santa Catarina)‘Science Diplomacy in Brazil in 1970: Science and Technology as a Source for Economic Development’
[01:33:39]Waqar Zaidi (Lahore University)‘The Reactor and the Election: Pakistan’s Path to Nuclear Weapons’
[01:40:08]Sam Robinson (University of Cambridge)‘1970: The Peak of Ocean Technology Speculation – Sylvia Earle, The Aquanauts, and Tektite II’
[01:48:37]Leah Aronowsky (Columbia University)‘“Man’s Impact on the Global Environment”‘
[01:53:48]Simone Turchetti (University of Manchester)‘Did the Study of Science Diplomacy Begin in 1970?’
[02:02:24]Lif Lund Jacobsen (National Archive, Copenhagen)Concluding Remarks

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