Symposium: Diplomacy and Images in Science

9th European Society for the History of Science Conference:
‘Visual, Material, and Sensory Cultures of Science’
2nd September 2020

Panel 1: Scientific Images and International Rivalry

Gordon Barrett, ‘Competing Images of Chinese Science: Photography in the Communist-Nationalist Battle for International Legitimacy during the Second World War’

Lif Lund Jacobsen, ‘Seismograph Diplomacy’

Daniele Cozzoli, ‘American media and the Scientific and Technological Collaboration between the USA and USSR from Sputnik to Détente

Pascal Griset & Anne de Floris, ‘Show, Not Tell? The Astronaut as Political Mascot or as an Ambassador?’

Panel 2: Visualizing Environmental Crisis

Doubravka Olšáková, ‘Think Globally, Act Locally: How Brontosaurus, a Prehistoric Animal, Became a Symbol of Limits to Growth and Mass Environmental Movement in Communist Czechoslovakia’

Agustí Nieto-Galan, ‘“The bicycles of Stockholm”: Environmental Diplomacy, Scientific Expertise and Dissent at the 1972 UN Conference’

Régis Briday & Sebastian Grevsmühl, ‘Ignoring What Cannot Be Ignored: Visual Diplomacy and the Ozone Hole’

Panel 3: The Symbolic Power of Scientific Images in International Spaces

Simone Turchetti, ‘Unknown Pleasures in Music, Science, and Diplomacy’

Grigoris Panoutsopoulos, ‘Investigating the Materiality of CERN’s Science Diplomacy’

Beatriz Medori, ‘Radioactivity on Tour: The Picture of Eve Curie at the Portuguese Oncology Institute’

Matthew Adamson, ‘Dead Water: Tritium Sampling, the IAEA, and Global Hydrological Surveys’

Panel 4: Images and the Science of Empire

Carlos Godinho, ‘Nationalizing Scientific Diplomacy: the Celestial Sphere in the 1500s and 1900s Portuguese Politics and Diplomacy’

Ronald E. Doel, ‘Alternative Narratives: Learning from Examining Historical Photographs of the Empire of American Science’

Maria Paula Diogo, Ana Simões & Paula Urze, ‘Techno-Diplomacy in the Age of New Imperialism: The Pink Map Episode in Images’


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