De-Centring Science Diplomacy: Cases from Asia Mini-Workshops

Mini-Workshop 1 (22 January 2021)


Jaehwan Hyun, ‘“A National Park in the Demilitarized Zone”: Victory over Communism Diplomacy and Nature Conservation in Cold War South Korea, 1961-1973’

Yue Liang, ‘Technology Diplomacy in Early Communist China: Visiting the Jingjiang Flood Diversion Project in 1952’

Shawn Liu, ‘Diplomacy and Meteorology: China, Japan, and the Dispute over the Qingdao Observatory, 1918-1931’


Michitake Aso, Gordon Barrett,  John DiMoia, Aya Homei, Kenji Ito, Reiko Kanazawa, Yi-Tang Lin, Doubravka Olšáková, Sam Robinson, Simone Turchetti, Zuoyue Wang 

Mini-Workshop 2 (12 March 2021)


Aashique Ahmed Iqbal, ‘Staging Science as Spectacle: Aviation in an Indian State, 1931-1949’

Kenji Ito, ‘Transnational Scientific Advising: Occupied Japan, the United States National Academy of Sciences, and the Establishment of the Science Council of Japan’


Matthew Adamson, Michitake Aso, Gordon Barrett, John DiMoia, Arunabh Ghosh, Aya Homei, Jaehwan Hyun, Lif Lund Jacobsen, Reiko Kanazawa, Roberto Lalli, Yue Liang, Yi-Tang Lin, Doubravka Olšáková, Samuel Robinson, Waqar Zaidi

Mini-Workshop 3 (16 April 2021)


Michitake Aso, ‘Medical Diplomacy between the Second and the Third Worlds: North Vietnam, East Germany, and Tuberculosis’

John P. DiMoia, ‘Reshaping Energy Priorities and Pursuing International Construction Procurements: South Korea and Iran’

Reiko Kanazawa, ‘Addiction Consultants and Pharmacology Experts: WHO and International Drug-Health Diplomacy in Thailand and India, 1961–1980’


Gordon Barrett, Aya Homei, Jaehwan Hyun, Lif Lund Jacobsen, Yi-Tang Lin, Doubravka Olšáková, Samuel Robinson, Simone Turchetti

Mini-Workshop 4 (17 May 2021)

Closing Discussion Participants:

Gordon Barrett, John DiMoia, Claire Edington, Aya Homei, Aashique Ahmed Iqbal, Kenji Ito, Reiko Kanazawa, Shawn Liu, Kate Sullivan de Estrada, Zuoyue Wang


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