STAND-Sponsored Panel at HSS: ‘Inclusion and Exclusion in Scientific Internationalism’

History of Science Society 2022 Annual Meeting (Chicago),
Saturday, November 19, 9:00 to 10:30am, Drake Hotel, Floor: Mezzanine, Parkside

Session Abstract:

In recent years, historians of science have explored more the internationalization of science, especially through the examination of international collaborations and multi-lateral initiatives. This is partly because of their significance in shaping the global scientific enterprise, but especially due to their impacts on international relations and diplomacy. This historical exploration, however, has so far been asymmetrical, prioritizing inclusivity aspects attached to individual episodes, and overlooking instead the parallel exclusion of individuals and groups. So is it scientific internationalism geared more towards including or excluding? And what factors are decisive in shaping both? This session looks for answers to these questions by focussing at key scientific initiatives during the second half of the 20th century.

Chair: Melinda Baldwain (University of Maryland)


‘Scientific Internationalism and Ideology in the Presentation and Reception of Data for the International Scientific Commission on Bacteriological Warfare in China and Korea, 1952’, Gordon Barrett (University of Manchester)

‘Sixty-Six In, But Who Was Left Out? The IGY in Historical Perspective’, Simone Turchetti (University of Manchester)

‘”Science for All”: Workforce Training as a Driving Force behind CERN’s Rise to Excellence in the 1960s’, Barbara Hoff (University of Zurich)

‘Science Diplomacy “From Below’” in the 1970s and Beyond’, Gerardo Ienna (University of Verona & University of Maryland)

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