Circulation and Exchange in Science and Diplomacy

3rd Conference of the DHST Commission on Science, Technology and Diplomacy

19-21 July 2023 | Inova USP – Centro de Inovação da USP, University of São Paulo

Co-hosted with the Department of Political Science of University of São Paulo (DCP/FFLCH-USP)

Programme *

Wednesday 19 July 2023

09.00-09.45 Breakfast/coffee **

09.45-10.00 Welcome (by Prof. Janina Onuki)

10.00-12.00 Session 1 INFRASTRUCTURES ***

Leonardo Faggion Novo: ‘Diplomatic architectures: the role of the Pan-American Congresses of Architects for American foreign relations in the Interwar period’

Nicolás López Cvitanic: ‘Hydroelectricity, Heritage and Global Networks: A study of three Chilean National Monuments’

Roque Manuel Jimenez Sumalave: ‘Social movements as science diplomacy actors: Description of the Colombian anti-fracking movement and its influence on decision-making’

Ramnath Reghunadhan’, Science Technology and Innovation Diplomacy of the Belt and Road Initiative In ASEAN Countries: Impact and Implications for Indo-US Relations’

12.00-13.00 Lunchtime


Irina Fedorova: ‘IAEA and the Eastern bloc: the circulation of nuclear knowledge through technical assistance, study groups and training courses’

Alice Naisbitt: ‘Development, aid and national identity: the British Council’s science diplomacy in the Global South, ca. 1960-1990’

Felipe Trujillo B.: ‘Sciences for Development, Development for Scientists. ECLAC in Chile ́s technical cooperation initiatives (1950s)’

Matthew Adamson: ‘Decentering and Recentering in Science Diplomacy: Morocco, Sovereignty, and the Nuclear Diplomatic Landscape’

15.00-15.30 Coffee break


Ron Doel: ‘Joining the Global Club: Ghana, the International Geophysical Year, and the Diplomatic Utility of Environmental Sciences Knowledge’

Isabella Bonaventura: ‘Rocha e Silva and Ribeiro do Valle: physiology and pharmacology between Brazil and Argentine (1940 – 1966)’

Jingfei Zhang: ‘The opening-up of seismology in China to the United States in the 1970s and 1980s’

Gordon Barrett: ‘The Korean War and Cold War Science: Transnational Networks and the “International Scientific Commission” on Bacteriological Warfare, 1952’

Thursday 20 July 2023

10.00-12.00 Session 4 WHY IS PHYSICS SO ‘DIPLOMATIC’?

Climério Paulo da Silva Neto: ‘A Nobel for D.tente? Science diplomacy in the 1964 Physics Nobel Prize’

Gloria Maritza Gómez Revuelta: ‘Latin American Science in the Global Cold War: Contributions within the International Geophysical Year’

Barbra Miguele de Sá, Carlos Alberto Chaves & Ivã Gurgel: ‘Travels and exchanges: an analysis of Brazilian physicists from FFCL-USP based on the cases of Mario Schenberg and Sonja Ashauer’

Antonio A. P. Videira: ‘The History of Latin-American Center for Physics between 1962 and 1972’

12.00-13.00 Lunchtime

13.00-15.00 Session 5 MODELS, NORMS & LEGAL FRAMEWORKS

Zviko Manjengwah: ‘The role of dedicated hubs in making multi-stakeholder science diplomacy a norm in sub-Saharan Africa’

Hermano do A. Pinto Neto: ‘Legal Instruments for Science Diplomacy: The Case of the EU Agreements for Scientific Cooperation and the treaty with Brazil’

Cecilia Ibarra: ‘South-North collaboration from the South American scientists’ network for air quality modeling’

Hèctor Isern Alsina: ‘Negotiating data sharing at the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites’

15.00-15.30 Coffee break

15.30-17.30 Keynote Speech 
Barbara Silva: ‘Circulation, Exchange and Diplomacy in the History and Politics of Latin America’

Friday 21 July 2023

09.30-10.30 STAND General Assembly (over coffee and pastries)


Jaehwan Hyun: ‘The Migratory Animal Pathological Project and the Emergence of Trans-Asian Ornithology in Cold War Asia’

Mariana Cruz Fonseca and Jorge Lossio: ‘Rise and fall of North-American interest in scientific research on the cinchona plant in Peru in the context of World War II’

Carolina da Cunha Rocha: ‘The agrarian Brazilian science diplomacy: State agrarian experts and the scientific diplomatic mission in Paraguay (1930-1945)’

Lif Jacobsen: ‘A floating embassy, comparing the three Danish Galathea marine expeditions 1845, 1950 and 2007’

12.30-13.30 Lunchtime


Deborah Marconcini Bittar: ‘The Foundations of the International Committee on Intellectual Cooperation: a gendered history of “science diplomacy”‘

Luciana Vieira & Silvia Figueirôa: ‘Women in scientific and diplomatic networks: the role of Branca Fialho (1896-1965) in the organization of the Maison du Br.sil at the Cit. Internationale Universitaire de Paris in the 1940s’

Kapil Patil: ‘Pursuit of “Access” and “Equity” in Scientific Circulations: Insights from India’s atomic and healthcare diplomacy’

Elisabeth Epping and Gabriela Gomes Coelho Ferreira: ‘Comparing Science Diplomacy strategies of the Global North and the Global South – unravelling interactions by drawing on Science and Innovation Centres’

* Please note that slight changes might occur. We will confirm the final programme nearer the time.

** Snacks and drinks are available 9am-4pm

*** Suggested session formats: 15 mins presentation per paper followed by 30 mins general Q&A and discussion)

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